lundi 21 mai 2012

An artistic mind is a troubled one

All right I was about to go for a nap because I've been working late yesterday. Then I remembered about the blog update thing. And the lazy me said 'No, nobody's commenting in there anyway, nobody cares!'.
But I'm doing it after all because I myself have usually no time at all to comment, and it's not like Facebook (congratulations to MZ by the way, for the money part and the personal part) or Twitter where you can show you 'care' by simply pushing a button.
So the social and good girl inside took over and here I am, eyes barely open typing this message.

I'm up to a lot of things, not all the things I wanted/planned to do on my to do list but hey you do as you can.
And with the kids growing up, it's not as easy as when they were babies sleeping a lot (on the babycarrier in my back) and not asking all of those questions.

So I had to make choices, carrier choices by asking me: What do you want to do? What do you want to become? What do you want the people remembering about you when you're dead? (well, not EXACTLY that, because is kind of depressing, but you get the idea). And, one important thing, what do you have the time to do?

I don't have anymore time for traditonnal media, let alone crafting. I used to paint a lot and the smell of oil painting was in the air all the time (joy and bliss!). But I have to say that it's a lot easier for me to paint digitally. I thought I was a traditionnal artist to the core, then started sketching traditionaly and finishing digitally. And now I feel I don't like to sketch with a pencil anymore. People change right?

And what about crafting? Crafting is fun, but it's dirty and time consuming. I would love to grab a tool and some mold and start sculpting again and then what? I find myself considering using ZBrush instead!
People change, right?

And the jewelry part?? (oh god not the jewelry, NOT the jewelry I hear you saying) There will be more jewelry, but it will be different. I remember last Christmas when I spent days and nights making jewelry like a robot. At the end there was money, yes, but I think I've lost my artistic fiber there , somewhere between 5st of December and January 10th (I've always wondered why you guys are still buying presents for New Year's Eve). So, no more chain jewelry, that's just not me. There will be beautiful images (or not always I have to figure that out too), there will be semi precious stones, there will be bronze or silver, there will be artistic constructions and meanings. I'm not giving up on that.
But I'm not a crafter, not one of those clever and talented shop sellers who promote their products magnificiently so I'll leave that to them. I'll do flash sales on my Facebook Page or here, or somewhere else. I will keep the lovely boutiques where I my pieces are sold  because I've become friends with the owners. And I will add one or two places because they've been asking for a long time, but that's all.

You're right, my main goal now is illustration work. That's where I'm feeling fully happy and where I see I can develop my potential. I'm still working on the fantasy trilogy 'Les Héritiers de la Clé des Sept Mondes', I'm still working on the Cutie Pie Twins, and I'm going to start again to work on 'Séraphine' when one of the two first will be done. And with time and more work I will evolve and who knows maybe will work on some concept art project.

And I will do all that while juggling with my family life, my love for music covers making, my geeky mind and my addiction for Ben&Jerry.

Thanks for reading and loving you all!


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