vendredi 25 mai 2012

Artist and soon to be parent: you need goals!

Even if your family or friends with kids have warned you, you can't really imagine what everyday life with kids is. But there are things you can do to anticipate the mess it's going to be (yes, it will be messy, trust me).
When the artist you and and your dear start to procreate there are some things to consider in order to keep your sanity.

1-Prepare for the worst.

Yes, you're going to be a parent and that will be your best creation. Life will be exctatic and you'll feel full at last. Well, that's where the problem will be too, the fullness. Over the next months/years you'll have another human being who is going to be entirely dependant of you, and your artistic business to keep rolling.
First if you want to keep on doing your job as an artist you must consider that: a kid sucks his parent's energy. The very energy you use for creating.
So I won't tell you that you weren't warned. After the nausea, the cramps, the fatigue of the pregnancy, time will come when drop the brushes won't be an option anymore. Your arms are going to be full of your bundle of joy...and nothing else.
The first and only thing to do is to take advantage of this break (let's call it like that) to get ahead in your paintings/illustrations/crafts/whatever so when you're too busy to do it anymore you'll have plenty of time and a clear mind. Planning exhibitions and happenings 6 months ahead is a plus.

2- Get used to work with one hand.

That's one of things you better start months after the birth.
Once the baby is born, you'll find yourself with a lovely but demanding projection on the arm. And you don't want to be stricken with a cramp in the middle of the negotiation of a juicy contract. Also, learn how you're going to have to eat/pee/sleep in the coming months. It's soothing.

3- Keep in touch with your fellow artists.

There's nothing better when you can't reach your pencils that being around people that can.
They will be a great stimulation for your weakened senses and prevent you from diving into the mom-at-home monotony.
Of course you'll be jealous of them but hey you got nothing for nothing in this sad world.

4- Smell your paintings.

I KNOW it's not good for the baby, but you won't be able to smell it again for a long time, just saying.
So better get a little shot of toxic stuff at 8 weeks of pregnancy right?

5 -Buy a babycarrier

(I know this picture isn't me painting with a baby on my back, but you have to trust me I did! And aren't those two cute?)

6- Parameter everything

If you are like me a social media addict, you'll have to rethink your daily posting organisation.
Did you have fun before posting your writings or pictures one by one on the net and sharing it with the world? More, you enjoyed responding to all the rhapsodic comments. 
Well be prepared to forget about that for a while. 
The sharing apps will become an important part of your life. And if you can learn how to schedule it, it's all good. Because your time will be shrinking to the size of a tiny shrimp and you'll feel a huge frustration if you can't spread your work anymore. And it's not good for your milk.
Those sharing apps will become an important part of your life. And if you can schedule it, it's all good.

7- Be happy.

It's not easy, my friends, not easy at all to look at your dusty and abandoned equipment in your lifeless workshop.
So the best thing to do to avoid to sink in a tide of depression is to get ready for the storm that's going to burst in your life.
And to think that your baby will be your best craft.
And that babies grow old and become less demanding (not really, but I don't want to ruin your day)
And that when you'll be old you'll have plenty of time to light it back (I'm no good liar am I?)
But still becoming a parent is the ultimate experience. If you succed in being a proper parent and holding your artistic business you'll feel like a french student earning a life in London. You'll feel powerful.

8- Plan to use your delivery as a buzz for your business

I hear you screaming from here. Yes, you can do that.
Use Instagram and the mass sharing tools I talked about above and flash picures of your tormented face (people love to see others suffering), the cute baby clothes, the future excited dad sleeping while you're dying, the corner of the delivery room's door...anything.

This will make you easy (well) publicity and enhance your notoriety. And it's all good for your business.

9- Think further

If you're not lying on the couch like an old dying cow yet, you can think about the ways to make life easier once the baby is born. There are some importants things you'll need to know if after those 9 glorious months of anticipation you still want to keep the artistic spirit alive.

Things that I'll tell you about in a next post.
So stay tuned lovelies!


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  1. This is fantastic! I always wonder what it'll be like once my husband and I start having children. I really appreciate that you took the time to share your experience and your advice for us! Thank you!

    1. Hi Miranda! There are lots of things I forgot because my last pregnancy was 5 years ago, but those are the ones that marked me the most. Thanks for the comment!


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