mardi 22 mai 2012

7 things you need to know if you're about to live with an artist.

As you probably know, living with another person isn't an everyday fun and jolly party.
But with someone who simply thinks different then you it can be a real challenge.
That's some examples that you might consider if you're planning to live with an artist (poor you).

1-We need to be left alone...most of the time.

People told me often I'm an easy bee. I'm not the one who gets hysterical because you're not doing it my way. I'll simply go mine.
And that, my friends can lead to some agressive responses. I've experienced and still does in my everyday life. And living with a hot blooded husband doesn't make it easier.
Most of the other artists I know have experienced issues with others because they wanted them near, then wanted them away because they got inspired all of a sudden and just wanted to be left alone to explore their idea. That's the way it goes and I don't think there's something to be done about it. So I recommand to the unlucky partenaire to simply deal with it and learn how to record him/herself in order to not forget what was the convo about.

2-We need regular ego trip shots.

Artists are fragile, they need to be constantly reassured and congratulated. That's what Facebook pages and places like Deviantart and Flickr are for. And they need it more then the average people.
If you're starting living with an artist, be prepared for the storm that's going to invade your living room. Because the calm little life you've been living until then is soon to be a souvenir. And get ready to scream in ecstasy and marvel when your dear presents you anything new.

3-We are easily annoyed and loose focus when it doesn't concern us.

It's not that we do it on purpose really. An artist mind works all the time, evaluating, examining, testing, thinking about the next step. That can lead to serious loss of attention when it doesn't enhance our goals (learn, create). So people, don't get mad because we suddenly look void. That's not because what you're saying is boring to death, we're just not there anymore. Somewhere between the beta 25 star and one of Uranus satellites perhaps.

4-We need an exciting life.

Adrenaline is a great part of inspiration, especially for the ones who are doing long painting works. We have to be almost constantly stimulated in order to keep our creative mind going. This can be painful for the artist family and friends.
The internet plays a great role in artist's visual and cognitive stimulation, thank god would say some exhausted wives or husbands.

5-We don't talk a lot (except on the mumbling).

That can be a real issue when there's artists meetings. The good news is you can easily pin the real artists in the assembly. They're the ones not talking.
See, there can be good points to live with an artist. You'll barely hear a word about today's weather or the rust invasion of rust in the wheelbarrow (unless you're married with an artist obsessed with textures).

6-We don't really care about our look.

Here I am, writing to you in my old Star Trek pajamas (no pictures, please). In our workshop, where we hide 95% of the day, nobody cares how messy we look. Plus that pale face with dark circled eyes is so fashion those days. So we're happy about almost everything, from the Star Trek shirt that was black once to the Threadless chic but cheap arty hoodie. If it leads to adrenaline shots (see above) everytime we look at it it's a plus.

7-We can stare for hours.

So convenient. While doing your shopping, just leave us on a bench or somewhere we can look at other people without them noticing (because we're sociopaths, remember?) and we get hours of fun trying to draw them in our minds and noticing every detail. And don't forget to bring paper and pencil/ipad for the adrenaline shots.

That's about it. But if you have to deal with one of us don't forget we're just endearing creatures who need love and Ben&Jerry more then anyone else!


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  1. i agree in most of the points, especially the 2nd

    1. Thanks Aurora. Yes, we are creatures with a huge ego, but people love us for that too ;-)


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