lundi 7 septembre 2009


huile sur toile, 20 cm sur 40 cm

This canvas was made to honor two things that have shapened me these last years.

First, the Green Goddess, always serene and peaceful, She represents the Earth, so comforting under our feet. We won't ever thank Her enough for what She brought, brings and will continue to offer us in the future, until her last breath. She

And second, the Motherhood. I've been carrying my little ones from the day I was granted to be a mom. Carrying is so important to children, and the parents as well.
I consider it as a mother's duty to breasfeed her baby. It's inculded in the baby package: pregnancy-breastfeeding-carrying-co-sleeping-and eventually homeschooling. I can be very extremist when it comes to that point: when you're planning to have a kid, there are things that you'll have to reconsider, and it's not up to your child to adapt to your old lifestyle!

But, back to our business! I thought about decorate the Goddess'hair with flowers but I found it nice just like that.

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