dimanche 6 septembre 2009


Well well, seems I decided to take the time to write about another of my obsession: discovering new materials for painting.
I'd love to try stone, but as I don'l leave on the seaside or near anything you can call a river, and as when I see a stone I think sculpting, I quickly pushed that option away.
While wandering in a secondhand market (looking for cauldrons actually) with my dear husband, I noticed a very extended and interesting amount of old boxes...Idea!
Well, not really my own private idea, I must admit I saw several talented facebook friends' work on wooden boxes and loved it!
It took me some time to find a decent technique, but finally here's the result!

Here's my Tanuki box.
A Tanuki is a furry little creature found in the japanese folklore. Tanukis are supposed to have magical power like polymorphism.

I also worked on other wooden accessories.

Here's a pencil holder on what I decided to paint the Goddess Gaia.

A simple vase with different women figures on each side.

And, last but not least, the famous Arnold the Cat and Edwige the Rat playing cards!

Now, I have to find other old pieces of wood!

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