dimanche 16 août 2009

For those who don't know...

I am NOT an acrylic artist. Acrylic is totally new for me, and yesterday, at 2 am I rather found it annoying. But I liked what I saw the next day, such great light and colors!

I decided to continue the Millie (that's how I named the little princess of yesterday's work) universe.

I still have to figure out what landscape I'll paint, but I feel comfortable by letting the inner Goddess in me carry my hand and my brushes.

But now, here's the King! Turns out he looks like a mix of Dr robotnic and a russian old man in folk dress, I dont't know. But I like it that way!

I've drawn in my Moleskine the rest of the family, including the Cat, of course!

I don't know how where I'm heading, but this project is exciting!

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