vendredi 21 août 2009


I probably haven't told you before (or have I?). but I've been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. I grabbed a ball point pen (black inked only) and started it on about everything I could reach (paper sheets, unpaid bills, walls of course, etc).

My mom let me free to explore ....mostly, and for this I'll be forever thankful to her, she understood as she was herself an artist. And yes, I must admit that she was very permissive in THAT particular aspect of my education.

When I hit that age when you consider paper and pencil not enough to hold your growing ego, I started to paint and left my drawing interest behind.

Funny how the ability comes back after years...

I finally found some nice smooth paper. Well, it's not archive but it looks great!

lundi 17 août 2009

Here's the Prince!

I began to paint him last night, and like the other characters he ain't finished, plus I have to work on the landscapes.
It's funny how all 3 characters look like they're from different countries. This one have a little italian look, perhaps due to his Pinocchio style?

dimanche 16 août 2009

By the way.

Here's the Goddess you saw several pictures down, almost finished!

I'm gonna print her soon, I just need time to organize the printing stuff.
She'll be available on my Etsy (english) and DaWanda (french) shops soon!

For those who don't know...

I am NOT an acrylic artist. Acrylic is totally new for me, and yesterday, at 2 am I rather found it annoying. But I liked what I saw the next day, such great light and colors!

I decided to continue the Millie (that's how I named the little princess of yesterday's work) universe.

I still have to figure out what landscape I'll paint, but I feel comfortable by letting the inner Goddess in me carry my hand and my brushes.

But now, here's the King! Turns out he looks like a mix of Dr robotnic and a russian old man in folk dress, I dont't know. But I like it that way!

I've drawn in my Moleskine the rest of the family, including the Cat, of course!

I don't know how where I'm heading, but this project is exciting!

samedi 15 août 2009

jeudi 13 août 2009

My Moleskine, my love.

In my shopping frenzy, I stopped again at the shop ti buy one of these marvellous drawingbooks people were telling me about.

Once I began to draw in it, I had a wonderful gliding sensation. This paper is amazing (and The Great Goddess Knows I don't feel comfy wasting paper), but boy!

I'm a Moleskine addicted....

First acrylics...

While my 4 yo son is sitting idly in the couch watching Ratatouille, and my 18 mo sits on the potty, I want to tell you about the experience I had last night.

I've been willing to try acrylics for months now, but first I wanted to complete a decent number of canvas for the exhibition.

Yesterday then, I headed to the store and bought my first acrylic starter kit: basis colors, a few brushes, and canvas (little ones, just the web on a cardboard).

Then, as soon as the kids were asleep, I rushed to try it...and wow it was amazing!

See, I only worked with oil till now, and I didn't want to listen to other's notices too much. So when I started, I pretty much didn't know what to expect (except that it dries really fast).

First, it does not smell like oil at all! Just a light, discreet scent. And the colors, wow, are much brighter! It dries indeed very fast, but it's good because that was pretty annoying for me, who got very little time when it comes to painting.

I heard several people saying that they were mixing both acrylic and oil, but from now on I'll stick to acrylic just to get used to it.

Here's what it looks like...

Gotta work on it, but I see lots of possibilities from there!

I'm planning on working on this kind of canvas plus acrylic for a while, mainly because I want a starting stuff for my printing project.

vendredi 7 août 2009

while thinking about it

Here's the last piece of my work

The day before... first show EVER, I feel stressed, anxious, but blessed too because now I begin to understand the meaning of all this.

I've been painting since I was 17 (I'm 36 now). It came all of a sudden, urgently, like something I've been keeping inside since I was born (and before that, I'm sure). Something that waited patiently inside of me, making me draw restlessly (I knew how to draw before writing), untill that day.

What day? I still have to figure it out, it'll take a lot of work, maybe a therapy to understand what I've been hosting inside.

I've never take lessons, never accorded any particular attention to Art (even if I know artists, but it's more general knowledge). Sometimes I'm learning a technique while observing a ray of light on a tree, an expression on a face, sometimes it just comes out like that.

I've learned anatomy basis at school, but it was more like something boring I had to do then something I felt the urge to learn. and I can't really say if it helped me, because I used to observe a lot (people thought I was a freak as I spent my time staring at them).

So, here I am, still totally uncertain of what is gonna happen to me tomorrow night (exhibition show), will there be a lot of people? Those people who I should call "friends" event tho I'm pretty positive about the fact that I don't have any. Will they like what they see? Will they wanna buy something? And on and on, annoying and anxious questions that 've been turning around and around in my head for about a month now.

That leads us to my first phrase...I begin to understand the meaning of all this...

Since I became a painter (or moved from the state of teen-who-draws-because-she's-bored to the state of adult-who-tries-to-paint-for-recognition), the same strange feeling came to me while I was laying the brush down to the canvas. The feeling that was NOT me doing that, NOT me mixing the colors to obtain the "perfect" one, NOT me painting like crazy till 2 am. And that feeling was still there the morning after, as I contemplated the result with incredulous sleepy eyes.

So what? Schizophrenia? Drugs? (I used to smoke pot while painting), what?

All my paintings have the same essence, and I'm beginning to think this essence is divine...What do you think?