jeudi 9 juin 2011

Game of Thrones fanart

I'm not doing fanart even tho I'd love to. But I really have no time, too many goals to reach and I'm nowhere near the half of it.
But the Game of Throne serie definitely deserves some extra work. After times of zero good stuff to watch (apart Dr Who but I'm not fond of the story), it comes like a fresh oasis.

My representation of Sansa Stark. 

Arya Stark and her wolf Nymeria. 
She looks more like the actor because she has an interesting face.

Those are quick drawings that I'll put on my jewelry (at least the first illustration). I would have loved to work more on it. Later perhaps...

2 commentaires:

  1. Game of thrones is great, i must try reading the books, as i hate waiting every week for a new episode. your Arya illustration is lovely!

  2. Thank you! I received the books today so...who needs to sleep?;-)


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